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Posted by Anandhan Subbiah on Sep 12, 2009 in Featured, Movies, Music8 comments

Blue is a forthcoming Bollywood film directed by Anthony D’Souza, starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan. It is an action film that is centered around an underwater treasure guarded by sharks. The film was written by American writers Joshua Lurie and Bryan M. Sullivan. Kylie Minogue makes a guest appearance in the film. A.R Rehman has composed the music. The music director has delivered big time with this stylish album. Shreya Ghosal is the star of this album with an amazing and versatile performance.

Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai (Sukhwinder Singh , Shreya Ghosal)
A fast song with heavy jazz and carnatic interludes.Shreya does a neat job and matches Sukwinder beat for beat. Watch out for the awesome piano work and the rumbling drums. This song is all about the energy Rehman has tried to infuse into the composition with a delightful music arrangement. Shreya Ghosal is marching upwards at such a rapid pace and I am sure it won’t be too long before she gets the same credibility like Asha Bhonsle or Chithra.

Bhoola Tuje (Rashid Ali)
Rashid Ali is at his typical best with this soulful song. Beautiful Violins (credit to Chennai orchestra) fill up the speakers in this deep composition by Rehman and they continue to haunt you throughout the song.Abbas Tyrewala has handled the lyrics. This is the best song in the album.

Blue Theme(Blaaze , Raqueeb Alam , Sonu Kakkar)
Heavy beats are predominant in this title song. This is a mix of heavy duty trance beats and punjabi music and the end result will raise your adrenaline !.

Chiggy Wiggy (Kylie Minougue , Sonu Nigam)
It is time to get the dance shoes on ! This rocking song by Kylie Minougue and Sonu Nigam is targeted for the young generation. Heavy bass beats and the awesome music arrangement is a treat for any music lover. Watchout for the grind in the middle when pop and the punjabi genres merge and make you sway. I am sure Kylie must have had a blast during this song and it must have been a unique experience for the talented singer. This song should top the charts for a long time.

Fiqrana ( Vijay Prakash , Shreya Ghosal)
Another song with unique instrumentation. Strange music instruments flow in the background when Vijay and Shreya croon to the lyrics of Rajat Aroora.

Rehnuma ( Sonu Nigam , Shreya Ghosal)
This song is straight out of a Bond Flick. Shreya , one of my favorite singers has stretched her vocals to adapt to this demanding song. Rehman has definitely been inspired by the Bond soundtracks but he has made it his own with a apt support from Shreya. This should put her in the reckoning for the best playback singer award.

Yaar Mil Tha (Udit Narayan , Madhusree)
A rythmic song sung by Udit and Madhusree. This free flowing song is rather subdued in comparison to the other songs and completes the album on a soft note.

Rehman definitely wanted to create a unique album and experiment with his music. Obviously the man with two Oscars under his belt has succeeded with this rather audacious attempt. Typical of any the maestro’s album it will take some time to get used to the songs. You will be able to enjoy the songs more with good speakers.

Blue is a must buy but not for the fainthearted !

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  1. Oh is it so .Lemme hear once again fully.I thought it was a let down except for Chiggy Waggy and Blue theme song as these two were catchy.Probably il have to hear it again.Thnks

  2. Right it sounds well when listened again.Nice compositions.Fiqrana intro music sounds like Ada’s Tu mera mera hai song. Rehnuma intro tune is like Yuvraaj Tu meri dost hai (Shreya ’s interlude Raat mein chandni…) and Jaane tu ya Jaane na Tu bhole jazz put together.Sonu’s rehnuma chanting is superb.Album sounds very international.Must get used to like them as I do.

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