Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal – Tamil Music Review

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Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal (Tamil: மூன்று பேர் மூன்று காதல்; English: Three People Three Love) is an upcoming Tamil romance film written and directed by Vasanth. It stars Arjun, Cheran, Vimal, Muktha George and newcomers Surveen Chawla and Lasini. The film, which will feature musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja, is currently in its production stage. It slated for an December 2012 release.

Aaha Kadhal(Nandini Srikar)
The first song of the album even though it starts from nowhere is also the best of this album. Yuvan has successfully composed and delivered a beautiful Carnatic tune with an equally awesome piano background and the result is simply stunning. The flute interlude after the Violin piece in the middle reminds me of the maestro’s compositions. Nandini is definitely another Bombay Jayashree in the making. Her soothing voice justifies her selection for this soulful melody. I hope other music composers make good use of this special talent and kudos to Yuvan for highlighting this singer.

Kaadhal Endhan Kaadhal(Neha Basin)
Another stunner from Yuvan but this time the composer has used Neha Basin to deliver this highly rhythmic tune. I found it hard to not compare it with the Mudual Murai song by Illayaraja but in all fairness this is Yuvan’s song and he has a solid winner under his belt with this song.The tune is extremely catchy and the song is almost certain to stay in the charts for a while.

Mazhai Mazhai(Karthik, Sweta Menon)
A beautiful song sung by the talented duo of Karthik and Swetha Menon. This song is slightly faster than the previous two compositions but the melody is intact.

Padappadakkudhu Maname(Krish, Blaaze)
A pathos song with high notes, a trademark of Yuvan starts of beautifully. Krish sings his heart out and just when you feel like the song is settled Blazee joins the fun. I am not sure I enjoyed this song that much. That said Blaaze does his hip hop bit to perfection.

Unakkagavae(Yuvan Shankar Raja)
The fact that Yuvan likes to sing pathos songs is not a secret and this song fills that part of the composers desire for this album. Yuvan has used sounds which are familiar now but he could have toned it down a bit, in sync with the slow tune. The result is still impressive.

Verdict – All the songs are good. Must Buy !

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