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Neethaane En Ponvasantham (Tamil: நீ தானே என் பொன்வசந்தம்; English: You Are My Golden Spring) is a forthcoming Tamil romance film written and directed by Gautham Menon, featuring Jiiva and Samantha in the lead roles.The venture is jointly produced by Menon’s Photon Kathaas and RS Infotainment and will have cinematography by M. S. Prabhu. The film’s score and soundtrack are being composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The film, which is being simultaneously shot in Telugu as Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu and is scheduled to be released in November 2012.

I have been waiting for a long time for Illayaraja to recreate the magic he was able to produce on a regular basis in the 80’s and the 90’s and this album is worth the long wait. Gautham has definitely got the best out of the maestro.

Sayundhu Sayundhu ( Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ramya)
This beautiful and enthralling melody is the perfect start to the album. Yuvan is an odd choice to this song but he does deliver, in specific on the high notes. The amazing violin interludes which, only the maestro can create are woven seamlessly into the song. Na. Muthukmar has done a wonderful job with the lyrics. Ramya has also done justice to the song and she is a perfect foil to Yuvan.

Kaatril Konjam ( Karthik)
We all know Illayaraja favors Karthik and this album is proof that the Maestro’s faith in the young singer is purely based on merit. This song actually takes us back to the 80’s. The violin interludes as usual are mind blowing.

Mudhal Murai ( Sunidhi chauhan )
Sunidhi is the perfect choice for the most powerful song of the album. I think the song reveals the theme of the movie to a great extent. Raja’s music arrangements are a perfect foil to the singers awesome ability to pack a punch. Shreya Ghosal is still my favorite but Sunidhi definitely has worked hard to get the pronunciation right and that just elevates the song. This song will appeal to the purists.

Vaanam Mella ( Illayaraja , Bela Shende)
Beautiful orchestra music flows in and then the maestro and Bela take over. The smooth flow of the song and the enchanting musical arrangement is a treat to anybody who can enjoy music. If this song does not take you back to the 90’s when the maestro was at his peak then no other song will.

Pudikela Mamu( Suraj Jagan, Karthik)
The song starts of as a cool Jazz piece but slowly changes to something I can’t really describe. it will be fair to say this song won’t feature in my spotify playlist.

Yennodu Vaa Vaa(Karthik)
The best song of the album and probably the year ! I don’t think I can do justice to this amazing song by describing it in words. Karthik is stunning and the more than precise music arrangements simply carries the song. The Acura MDX I have has a comfort mode where it will feel like the car is floating on the road, this song provides a similar effect. The playful violin music arrangement in the first half of the songs is much better than the techo flavor in the second half. Rahman or Harris may be your favorite but it will be hard not to like this song.

Pengal Yendra ( Yuvan Shankar Raja)
A dark song and it seems like Yuvan prefers this genre. The background score filled with heavy metal guitars definitely conveys the intent. The change in tone in the middle is also a classic touch and Muthukumar’s lyrics also fits the bill perfectly.

Satru Munbu(Ramya)
Only the “king of music” can come up with such an imaginative song. Ramya is a good find and like Yuvan the high notes seem effortless to her. The most distinct feature of this song is still the amazing orchestra that music composer is famed for. You can think of this as female version of the Pengal Yendra song. There is still pain and angst but it is very subtle as opposed to the more open throated male version.

Even if you download the album on the net GO BUY it either as a CD or in iTunes. The album is already available in Spotify !!!

Final Verdict : if you love music you will love this album.

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  1. Nice review of IR’s NEP movie songs. I not only just listen to his musice i am living with his music right from Annakili. I have heard more than 100 times Yennodu Vaa Vaa and Katrai konjam songs….Like Gautam Menon many other good knowledgeble directors should team up with Raja sir and come out with great music for future generation. Raja’s flow of tunes is still and more stronger like before so good directors must try to extract from him as much they can and the rest will be HISTORY. May God bless Illayaraja and give him long life.

  2. I Would Say this is an good album IR eventhough i am a Fan of ARR As a music fan this is a good album songs like ennodu vaa, Satru Munbu and vannam Mella Nice songs and songs like Pengal Yendra and Pudikela Mamu songs not suitalble for tamil music fans where IR tried in A lot wetern type

  3. I heard the songs, even though I am great fan of Illayaraja, this songs are not created any impact on me, I don’t know it may be due to some knowledge is needed to this kind of music, but surely it’s not for common ma, as Illayajara has scored lot of music of common man, this is totally differ from that

  4. All the songs are mind blowing. Few of my American friends liked the song Sattru Munbu sang by Ramya Ramya. She looks to be a good singer, and the frailty in her voice is almost felt. I felt that it’s more likely to be used as a background score. I am sure it will be used by our Great Raja Sir!!. When I listened to this song, I was quickly running out of technical words to praise our Illayaraja’s work. It is fully packed with a lot of amazing compositions, this one is gonna be a roaring hit with everyone, the young and the old. our Raja Sir might be old, but some of his numbers come close to sweet sixteen like anyone else’s. And when they do, they blow you away. Perfect example of a strong comeback by Maestro Isaignani Ilayaraja and a new combo in style for Gautham Menon… Keep listening to the Awesome songs.

    Gautham menon has a very good music sense and he is a hardcore Raja sir fan. So there is no doubt this album is an treat for “ALL MUSIC LOVERS”. All music lovers love Raja sir music.

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