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Osthe (Tamil: ஒஸ்தி; English: Pinnacle) is a 2011 Tamil action film directed by S. Dharani, starring Silambarasan. A remake of the 2010 blockbuster Hindi film Dabangg, directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap and written by Dileep Shukla, it featured Githan Ramesh, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sonu Sood, reprising his role from the original, Nassar and Revathi in supporting roles.The film released world wide on 8 December 2011. Upon release, the film generally received mixed reviews.

Osthi Maamey(Baba Sehgal, Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen Madhav)
A nice Kuthu number penned by Vaali and sung by a lot of singers. I am sure they had a blast singing the song. Thaman has mastered the craft of creating mass numbers. He has a certain elegance to his songs and his mastery over synthesized music allows him to refine the kuthu numbers a bit so everyone can enjoy it.

Unnale Unnale (Thaman S, Rita)
Thaman the singer has a really unique voice and he does justice to this melodious folk song. Simple beats are the order of the day and Thaman’s trademark violin interludes fill the speakers. Rita plays perfect foil to Thaman.

Neduvaali(Rahul Nambiar, Mahathi)
This is probably the best song in the album. This is a highly enjoyable , foot tapping number which is also very melodious. Rahul Nambiar is simply awesome and Mahathi does her bit to perfection as well. There is a clean flow to the song and the background instruments just keep the audience enthralled for the entirety of the song.

Now it is Simbu’s turn to come up with some funky lyrics. It is a very simple song and if you are a fan of Simbu’s early compositions this might appeal to you.

Kalasala(Vijaya T Rajendar, L R Easwari)
You may not like T Rajender as he can really drain you with his histrionics but you have to love the songs he has sung for Yuvan or in this case Thaman. He brings a lot of energy. The legendary L R Easwari is an interesting choice for me but her voice definitely adds to the surprise package. Thaman has to be credited for a mass composition and TR for the energy he brings to the table when he sings.

I was really impressed with this album. If you are a fan of fast numbers with delightful tunes then this album is for you !!

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