Seal culling – and we are in the modern era.

Posted by Anandhan Subbiah on Mar 26, 2008 in Animal CrueltyNo comments

This is the modern civilization. These are the same morons who have an issue with the rest of the world not being civilized enough. These are the same immoral bunch of savages who claim high moral ground and feel that the rest of the world has not grown up yet. I can understand this happening in a country with no law but when this happens in a country like Canada you are left wondering how these guys can have families and raise children when they have the scantest regard for life. It becomes even more difficult when you have the vice-president of the world’s most powerful country wanting to kill birds that can’t even fly. I can understand if animals are killed for food but there is always the right way to do it which is not always the case . In nature animals kill to survive and there are very few rare occasions do we see them kill for the heck of it but humans are such a messed up race who clearly understand the pain and suffering that they cause but still continue on their own merry way. The biggest joke is that after doing all this most of them go to their place of worship and pray with their children and then talk about world peace .

I am not sure when it became the job of the Canadian citizens to control the seal population. I honestly wish the people who engage in this heinous act face the same grief and pain that they cause those poor seals. The world will be a lot better and justice will prevail if these savages die the most horrible death possible. How about if thier boats sink and they get slaughtered by sharks ? We can call it the culling of human pigsĀ  and laugh about it . I sure will .

These guys are worthy candidates to be the victims in the Hostel ( the movie).

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